Treatment Type: Peel       Duration: 75 Minutes          Downtime : 3-7 Days          Price: £135

Combining non-traumatic exfoliation from Chiral AHA’s and BHA salicylic acid to dissolve oil within the pore. Plus the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties to support the skins healing process. The addition of Vitamin A, in a non-irritating encapsulated form of Retinol, helps to regulate oil production, increase cellular turnover and repair barrier function.

Preparing for your Peel

You may need to prep you skin for up to two weeks with home-care products depending on the peel chosen to suit your individual skin type and skin condition. You may also be advised to stop using some skin-care products before or after your treatment. This is to ensure the best treatment results.

During Treatment

During a peel the skin may feel warm or you may experience an itchy or tingling sensation while products are on your skin

After Treatment

A broad spectrum suncream will be applied and a mineral foundation if required.


The average healing time may vary with the intensity of the peels and your skin type. With most of the peels your skin may experience mild irritation of the skin, tightness, redness (similar to sunburn), flaking or mild shredding of the skin for about 3-7 days after the treatment. This is a normal side effect as the products take time to penetrate and push dead skin cells to the surface so new cells can regenerate.