These amazing Timeless Truth Mask Facials are bespoke to your skins needs.

Ultra Sensitive

Designed for those whose skin is sensitive or sensitized. A super hydrating facial using ultra-calming and desensitizing products and ingredients finishing with a Hyaluronic Sheet mask - £69.50

Super Hydrating

For dry skin or skin in need of a pick me up, this facial uses gentle exfoliation and finishes with Hyaluronic or Bulgarian Rose sheet mask. - £65

Balance & Control

To control oil & exfoliate the skin without causing irritation. This ultra-cleansing and brightening facial finishes with a Black Charcoal Clarifying Sheet Mask. £65

Anti-Ageing Stem Cells

Using plant stem cells & collagen to plump, hydrate and stimulate natural collagen & elastin leaving your skin rejuvenated & glowing. Using Apple Stem Cell Mask OR Bio-cellulose Collagen Peptide Mask - £69.50