Skin Consultation Workshop


An interactive 6 hour workshop to learn new consultation techniques.  Learn what  questions to ask, how to develop a sense of touch to know what is right and wrong with the skin & use interactive equipment to take your skin consultations to the next level.   Exactly what every-one working with skin needs to know to build & increase your skin business.

Course Details

Next course date: Monday1st October

10AM - 5PM

Course fee: £180.00 including VAT normally £200.00


Second course date: Monday 5th November 2018

Third course date: Monday 3rd December 2018


Course Content

  • More indepth ways to identify skin types, skin problems & conditions
  • Quesitons to ask during consultation to ensure correct homecare and treatment advise is given
  • What to look for in the skin during the intitial consultation- developing your sense of touch & observation skills
  • How to use a woods lamp and read the results of a skin visia machine 
  • Skin care products and ingredients to suit different skins & what to avoid
  • Course includes a mix of demonstrations, hands on practical and a skincare handbook. 
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