Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can come and go unlike your skin type which you inherit, although some can take longer to treat than others. Below is our guide-line to specific skin conditions however for Rejouir to assess your skin type or condition properly we recommend you call in to have an in-depth consultation using our amazing Visia Gen skin scanning machine which takes approximately 60 mins and gives you a side or front view of what is happening in all the layers of your skin, the cost is £65.00. This ensures we give you the correct recommendation of products for your skin which is the basis of Rejouir’s ethos. Note you need to come in with no make-up on and preferably with no skincare products on, however we can remove your make-up on day if you prefer and put a light skin friendly mineral foundation/powder on before you leave.


Dehydration can affect all skin types and your skin becomes more dehydrated with age. Most people have some form of dehydration by the age of 35. The signs of dehydration are fine lines on the skin which are not ageing lines. There are two types of dehydration. The first is epidermal dehydration which is really common and is affected by water in the environment or can be caused by products which strip the skin especially some toners and skin washes. The second is dermal dehydration which is in the deeper levels of the skin and is linked with illness, medication and diet/water intake. The obvious thing is to drink more water everyday but there are also homecare products & Rejouir clinic treatments which will really help your hydration levels.


From the age of 25 skin get thinner and loses volume, it also becomes dehydrated due to lack of moisture and you may experience issues with pigmentation. Cell turnover slows down and so does the skins blood supply which can leave the skin looking dull and lifeless. Collagen & elastin decreases which means less firmness in your skin & you may notice the shape of your face changes with the cheeks being less plump. Lines and wrinkles start to become evidence especially in areas of your face where your skin is thinner such as the forehead, eyes and around the mouth. Neck and hands are also prone to sign of ageing and need as much care as the face itself. Ageing can be pre-programmed from your genes but lifestyle and external factors play a major role such as the 3 S’s Sun, Smoking and Stress! There are numerous home-care and or in the clinic treatments we can offer at Rejouir as Ageing is one of the main focuses of our business model. The treatments and products selected are all results driven.


Acne is a very distressing skin condition if you suffer from it. The cause is excess oil/sebum and normally you will have a build-up of dead skin. There are various grades of acne ranging from grade 1 to 4. Grade 1 being the most mild. You will have number of visible symptoms on your skin such as blackheads and occasional spots right through to those who suffer more severely with predominant inflammatory pustules (spots with pus) painful nodules, cysts even abscesses. Acne skin can be very sensitive too so you needs products to bring down the inflammation as well as manage the excess oil and build-up of dead skin. At Rejouir we can advise on products and or skincare treatments that can will help you deal with this stressful skin condition.


If you suffer from Rosacea you will maybe have a red, rosey complexion which mainly affects the middle of the face such as the nose and cheek area and sometimes the chin and forehead. Your skin will flush and turn red easily and you may have a stinging or burning sensation or facial swelling. Some times the Rosacea is dry and the skin feels tight however some people suffer from oil bumps and pimples which can look similar to acne without the blackheads.  At Rejouir we will be able to address the type of Rosacea you have through a consultation and giving you advice on home-care products and clinic treatments.