Lumity Life

Lumity is a groundbreaking Day & Night Anti-Ageing Supplement that works around the clock with your body’s natural cycle to give you results you can see & feel. The only product that targets all 9 causes of ageing the soft gel capsule is a two step formula, the morning softgels give you a new level of vitality, contribute to collagen and elastin formation, clearing toxins & repairing oxidative damage to protects your cells DNA. The night softgels give restful rejuvenation by supporting collagen & elastin formation reinforcing the anti-oxidant action of the morning formula & stimulate Human Growth Hormone to repair tissue. Formally only exclusive to Harrods, Rejouir is delighted to be able stock this amazing product.

Lumity helps keep Yasmin Le Bon’s skin looking good, improves her sleep, levels out her hormones and keeps her calm.

- The Times, June 4th, 2016