Your Skin In Winter

Heating at work at home and in the car dries out the skin and even oily skins become dehydrated and lack water, and let’s face it most of us would reach for a cup of tea or coffee over a glass of water on a cold day. Cold weather causes chapped lips, rough dry hands and similar skin on your face if you’re not careful. One thing that I like to do is use an exfoliating product to ensure the cell turnover is speeded up and one of the best ways to do that is with an AHA ingredient in a skin care product. 

Winter Skin

You may or may not have heard of alpha hydroxy acids?  Some products with these ingredients are not for the faint hearted as they can have side-effects such as redness, dryness and flakiness so you to be have to be careful what products you choose and how you apply, but one good thing is these products are better introduced with your winter skincare.  In the summer they are not great as they don’t mix with well the sun and you must definitely wear a sun protection factor on your face if you apply during the day or you will end up with red, sunburnt skin and possibly little bumps under the skin too or alternatively use only at night.

Everybody needs to exfoliate their skin as skin cells turn over and build up every 28-40 days. This cycle slows down with the ageing process and this leaves dull dead skin cells on the surface, if you get rid of the old dead cells new cells will be made and pushed to the surface.  But before you go scrubbing your face or body within an inch of life let’s talk about the right way to go about, remember your skin is a living organ and needs to be treated with a little respect!

The product I absolutely love to introduce one or twice a week during the winter is Environ Intensive Revival masque.  It is a face mask that you introduce slowly and build up from 10 minutes the first couple of times you use it to 15 minutes and then 20 minutes at a time.  A thin layer is all you need so it’s good value as a little goes a long way and it comes in quite a good sized 50 ml pot ((cost is £49.95).  Environ is a great skincare range which is packed with medically proven anti-oxidants and a lot of their products contain Vitamin A which is an amazing anti-ageing ingredient that nearly every-one should use. However Vitamin A needs to be carefully introduced and each person needs to have a one to one skin consultation before you can recommend a product containing it.

You have to build up your tolerance carefully of Vitamin A and you can’t use if you are pregnant but hooray the Revival masque is one of Environ’s products that you can use straight away & makes an excellent gift for your mum or a friend.  When I use this masque I always get complemented on how dewy and refreshed my skin looks, my skin is pale and sensitive, typical redhead but I can use it without any reactions, it also leaves my skin really plump & hydrated which is great for the winter time.  Unlike some AHA products which are dehydrating this masque is ultra-hydrating, it also contains lactic acid found in milk, Cleopatra was way ahead of us in ancient Egypt, as she used bathing in milk as a way of preserving her beauty and youthful skin.

Whether you go to Cleopatra lengths in the name of beauty during the winter months don’t forget to keep drinking water too, the dead skin cells will benefit from the milk but the living will thank you for the water! By the way I think it was donkeys milk she used!