The benefits of a skin consultation

The benefits of a skin consultation at Rejouir

The benefits of a skin consultation are so important if you want to find the right products and treatments for your skin. So many of us have a drawer full of skincare and make-up products that we have bought and don't like or use, "what a waste"!

Everybody's skin is so different, yes we can all recognise some of the characteristics of a certain skin tye or condition (more of which you can find out on website) but it is important for us to know your preferences and past experiences with products. What consistency of a product do you prefer on your skin, how much time do you have to dedicate to your skincare regime are all key questions.  It is important to us at Rejouir to hear your skin concerns or perhaps you are just wanting to start your skin journey to minimise ageing and maintain your skin health.  Recommendations about key active ingredients allows you to make an informed choice about how you want to proceed, whether you decide to go for home-care or skin treatments or both.  Key to our consultation is being able to take in depth photo-graphs at the start of your skin journey to chart real progress. A proper consultation allows us to devise a realistic skincare plan depending on your time, budget and long-term goals.  If you have a key event such as a wedding, anniversary or an important birthday coming up you will want to look refreshed and radiant but also recognisable as yourself.  Our results driven treatments and products can help you achieve this without invasive treatments or downtime and we promise your recommended products won't be consigned to your bottom drawer! We looking forward to seeing you soon!