Environ Price Changes 2019

Environ have imposed a non-negotiable price increase (mostly AVST & C-Quence ranges) which will come into effect as of January 2019. 

The remainder of the Environ range has not been affected by this price increase and iiaa have consequently not increased any other Environ prices. In addition there has been no price increase on the Advanced Nutrition Programme products. 

The research, development, production, cosmetic regulatory costs and market delivery of a quality product like Environ is expensive. Environ have pointed out to us that when switching to AVST from the Original Range, full costs were not passed on and over time, the structural price anomaly has increased, creating an unsustainable imbalance. Whilst we cannot speak on behalf of Environ we would like to think, given usual price stability, that this increase is a one off adjustment and correction.

We would recommend if you will be needing more products in the new year to order them before the price increase to avail of the current costs.