Don’t be too quick to pack away your sunscreen after your holidays!

The most important skincare product to prevent ageing and skin damage is a good sunscreen with anti-oxidants so don’t be too quick to put your sunscreen away in your bathroom cabinet or store away for your next foreign holiday. It is hard to believe it but we are exposed to UVA during the day all year long & this is the number one cause of premature ageing of skin.

There are a number of ways we are exposed to UVA damage that most of hadn’t thought about;

  • During daylight hours, summer and winter, sunny days or rainy days.
  • Through windows, in your car driving or through glass windows at work or at home.
  • Some computer screens give off low levels of UV although mostly older models
  • Florescent bulbs/lighting give off a small amount of UV light.

Top tips for men and women to protect their skin from UVA and accelerated ageing is to wear a broad spectrum sun cream every day.  What this means is a sun protection factor that protects against both UVA (ageing ray) & UVB (burning ray).  I absolutely love the Image Sun protection range.  There are 4 excellent products for men and women for the face.  I wear the Image SPF daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30+ for dry/dehydrated or sensitive/rosacea skins (cost approx. £36.00).  It is an amazing product, unlike other sun creams I have tried for the face it is light, easily absorbed and also acts as a moisturiser. 

With my background I should have been wearing a sunscreen under my make-up but I just didn’t until I found this product over a year ago.  Most of the other SPF’s creams I tried for my face stung my eyes and left me with black mascara streaming down my face or were too thick and then make-up just slide off before I had even left the house. I only forced myself to apply a SPF cream on really sunny days when I cut back on my make-up look and went more au naturel.  I love the fact their products are also packed with anti-oxidants which protect our cells against free-radicals damage.  Free radicals damage skin cells and speed up the ageing process. There are 3 products in range for the face and they are all amazing depending on your skin type or preferences.

Image Skincare Prevention+ SPF 30

Image Prevention + Daily matte moisturizer SPF 32+ Mattifying moisturizer

Great for normal/oily skins, great for men as there is no shine, brilliant as a make-up base or primer, a lot of people I know who wear this swear by just wouldn’t be without it, it is their cult skincare product!

Image prevention + Daily tinted moisturiser SPF30+ ( cost approx. £36.00)

Great for those that want a small amount of colour in their skin, can be worn under make-up too. Gives a nice sun kissed look and blends in with most skin types except extremely pale.

Prevention + Ultra moisturizer SPF50 (cost approx. £38.00).

Great for all needs especially those who golf, sail or cycle a lot. Or if you are prone to pigmentation on the face your will need the higher protection.

Other Tips To Protect Against The Ageing Ray UVA

  • Fit anti-glare screen on your computer (this will protect your eyes too).
  • Pull down your visor while driving and wear your sunglasses.
  • Use anti-oxidant skin care products that contain a high content of anti-oxidants (A, C, E) more about them later.
  • Don’t forget about protecting your neck and hands which are exposed during the winter months too!

We hope you have found this useful and that it has changed your view on sunscreen, but make sure you get a product that suits you.   Even though I had the knowledge about what I should be doing it was only finding the right product that made me add this step into my skincare regime.